Property depreciation services

Just Depreciation is always going the extra mile to help all our clients whenever we can. We have decided to answer some of our frequently asked questions to help give you some advice and get a better understanding of our services to save you time and money. If for any reason there are still questions you would like to ask us about our property depreciation services then don’t hesitate to call our friendly team who would be only too happy to help.

My property is old is it worthwhile getting a report prepared?

Yes, all properties regardless of age have some form of depreciation. The fixtures and fittings in the property must be valued at the date that you first make the property available for rental. Just Depreciation recommend reports for all residential properties no matter how old the building may be.

I have owned the property for a number of years and not claimed any depreciation, have I missed out?

No, we will start your report from the first date of rental and your accountant can apply to the Taxation Office to get previous returns adjusted. It’s never too late to claim any property depreciation.

How long does the report last for?

Our reports have ten years of detailed information and enough detail for your accountant to expand on the individual items after this date so you won't have to arrange for a another report unless you carry out major renovations or improvements.

Do you guarantee your report will be worthwhile?

Yes, of course. And we guarantee that if you do not receive a deduction that is equal to our fee, then the report will be free. We believe this is the fairest and best possible outcome either way for our clients.

What is the process? Do I have to make appointments?

No, we make the appointments on your behalf via your rental manager & liaise with tenants for a suitable time for the property inspection so you need not worry about a thing.

What happens at the inspection?

We measure the property, take photos, take note of all depreciable items and any capital building write off deductions that may apply and then return to the office to calculate and process the report.