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Here at Just Depreciation, we try to make the whole process easy for all our clients, by doing as much leg work as possible, saving you precious time as we appreciate all our clients have busy lives.

Our Process

Our inspectors will initially contact your agent to obtain the tenant’s details and then will confirm a time to meet directly with the agent at the property that is most suitable for them.

All inspections are carried out thoroughly and our inspectors take all measurements needed for the property as well as photographs as proof of any depreciation and depreciable items and anything we see which qualifies for capital building write off deductions. 

Once all necessary information has been collected and recorded on-site, we return it all to our office for the calculation and formalisation process of your reports. Usually, this will take about two weeks after the inspection for the reports to be processed and completed, so please keep this in mind when booking your inspections.

Just Depreciation reports include 10 years of accurate and detailed information, with the assets necessary for your accountant to expand on the figures after that 10 year period, meaning you will never have to have another report done unless you decide to carry out major renovation or extensions to the property.

We only ever supply detailed and clear reports that are easy for anyone to read and understand because we believe it is important to leave all the technical jargon with the experts and the crucial need to know information with your accountant.